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  1. ehbowen

    Has Anyone Seen a Current Bus Route Map?

    You hear here and elsewhere about the decline of scheduled intercity bus service. I was curious and wanted to find a route map to see what is left of the network and what city pairs might be ripe for new service, especially in the western U.S. However, it seems that route maps and bus timetables...
  2. M

    Santiago, Chile to Eureka, California: Someday this will be by train

    Hello, I just moved a long long way, and I thought I would share a trip report here, because technically, I did ride a train...but the moderators might not agree. From Santiago, my friends drove me to the airport. Only right before I left did the e-Mail say that I should be at the airport 4...
  3. fillyjonk

    Just curious (SL/TE 3/15) Bustitution?

    I am correct, am I not, in that the "continuation" Texas Eagle that runs from LA three days a week (the one that becomes 22) is also Sunset Limited? (2, I think?) I'm wondering: did they pull the "continuation" passengers off at some point and bus them to San Antonio? I was watching the...