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  1. R

    Amtrak dining and cafe service

    I am a relatively new member so if this topic has been discussed, please disregard it. Sidney recently asked the question, "Does Amtrak know how their customers feel about Flex dining?". Good question. I know I have let them know how terrible it is. Others have described it as "mystery meat"...
  2. Mailliw

    Currently open food options ay NY Penn Station

    I'm taking the Carolinian to North Carolina on Thursday with my parents to visit my brother. I know the only place actually open right now in the Moynihan train hall is Starbucks. Does anyone know what food options are open across the street on the old concourses where we could grab food to eat...
  3. H

    New York Penn dining

    Inspired by the great thread on Union Station vicinity dining... I am scheduled to arrive at New York Penn on the Silver Meteor at about 11:00 AM. I have a car service taking me to the airport at 3:55 PM. Assuming that the Meteor is reasonably on time, that will leave me with some time to...
  4. snvboy

    Great Service: how to get Amtrak's attention

    Last week on the Southwest Chief I received the best service I've ever had in the dining car. I would like to make sure that they get properly recognized by Amtrak for this. What's the most effective way to let Amtrak know?
  5. imchuck

    Redeem eVoucher For Food?

    I have $20 leftover from an eVoucher. Am I able to redeem an eVoucher on a Cafe Car or Dining Car? Or, is there a way I can convert the eVoucher, whether it's at a ticket office or some other method, to some other form that I would be able to use for a meal while aboard the train?