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  1. N

    San Bernardino Line electrification

    Somewhat related to the LOSSAN Corridor rebuild idea that I posted, the San Bernardino line is the only other line that is most likely to be electrified (and pretty much the first to be electrified if Metrolink plans on electrification). In tandem with the Foothill Extension, Metrolink can start...
  2. N

    What if the Milwaukee Road didn't de-energize the Pacific Extension

    One of the biggest reasons the Milwaukee Road went under was the decision to de-energize the Pacific Extension and go to diesels during the 1970s. That decade was when the 1973 Oil Crisis happened, which caused freight railroads like the Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Santa Fe and Union...
  3. N

    Metra Electrification

    Recently, Metra has contemplated electrifying the Rock Island District (as they own the tracks) as part of a set of improvements they announce for the system. I do think if they want to electrify the Rock Island District, they could also electrify other lines that see high frequency and...
  4. jis

    Indian Railways Electrification Plans

    Looks like they are really serious about completing electrification of all remaining unelectrified main and branch lines in all of India by 2022. The target for 2019-20 is 10319 km, that is 6412 miles. If completed, that would leave just a couple of thousand km to knock off in 2020-21 and...