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  1. S

    Last call for the BNSF Glorieta & NMRX Semaphores

    I have been informed by many sources that the ATSF Semaphores on the BNSF Glorieta Sub will be coming down by November 15. This is also in conjunction with NMRX removing 5 Semaphores from the NMRX ABQ Sub. These locations on the Glorieta Sub include South Las Vegas MP 774 (2 Semaphores, New...
  2. M

    Planning a December trip! (Discussing SWC/CZ schedule performance etc.)

    I'm planning a long Amtrak trip (for a family of four, I am the 20 year old planning the train component of the family trip :)) to California that will probably take place in early December. Earlier is fine but December seems to have lots of low buckets! Note that I live in the MSP area, so the...
  3. coalman

    SW Chief vs Texas Eagle

    I am traveling from Portland Oregon to Chicago in April 2021 via Coast Starlight/Los Angeles and connecting ( hopefully 45 min layover) with Texas Eagle to Chicago in a roomette. Any comments/ suggestions about Texas Eagle? Do they not have a dining car from S Antonio to Chicago? Is there no...
  4. Albi

    Bucket List trip May 2020: trains 421, 4 and 50

    My trip hasn't yet taken place, but I thought I'll start the thread already to raise your attention. Then, when I do board the Texas Eagle in Austin next Wednesday to Los Angeles, those interested in trip reports will likely have discovered this post and can follow my adventure "LIVE" (so to...
  5. SarahZ

    Southwest Chief: Chicago to Los Angeles - October 2017

    I thought I posted this trip report two years ago. Better late than never, I suppose, and I doubt much has changed. I had some points to use and hadn't been on the SWC in three years. Those who've known me a long time know that I traveled to ABQ with my ex-boyfriend every year to visit his...
  6. N

    LOSSAN Corridor Rebuild

    The LOSSAN corridor is one of the most travelled Amtrak routes outside of the Northeast Corridor. However, to get it to remotely the standards seen on the Northeast Corridor, a lot of improvements would have to be made. These improvements include dual-tracking (at minimum), grade separation to...
  7. Willbridge

    Southwestern Circle Trip

    In July - August 2019 I made the Southwestern Circle Trip beginning in Denver, with an added segment to Seaside and Portland, Oregon for reunions (and to see lots of water). I was able to remain on the planned itinerary shown in the following message, with nothing but the usual delays, not...
  8. Willbridge

    ColoRail general meeting

    ColoRail, the Colorado Rail Passenger Association, will hold its next general meeting on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 3435 S Inca Street, a short walk from the Englewood Station and City Hall/Library. Coffee will be ready at 8:00 a.m. and the meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. The public is...
  9. C

    La Plata, MO station

    On the You Tube La Plata railcam I scrolled over a link to a video of the inside of the LaPlata station and there was a ticket window and what looked to be a rather current in-use office area behind the window. Of course I don't know when the video was taken, but would anyone know if at one...