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  1. trainnewbee

    California Zephyr discussion

    Hello fellow train lovers, I am thinking of taking the California Zephyr the entire way some time between November 2022 - March 2023. I have taken it from Emeryville to Chicago before in October 2019, but I wish to travel along that route again when the mountains are covered in snow. I was...
  2. JermyZP

    Where is this car located on the California Zephyr?

    I have made reservations for the California Zephyr on January and was put in car 530. I thought during the winter season it would only be 531 and 532? I want to know if this would be the transition car or the car next to the dining car?
  3. CTANut

    Roomette vs Family Bedroom

    I am planning to travel on the Capitol Limited and Southwest Chief. I have a couple of questions. We currently have 1 Superliner bedroom booked and 1 coach seat for 4 people. There are 2 adults, and 2 teens aged 14/16. 1. Would you recommend getting a 2nd roomette, bedroom, or upgrade to a...
  4. Ed Niblock

    Amtrak Superliner Coach Tour

  5. Ed Niblock

    All Aboard! Amtrak's Empire Builder | Seattle to Essex MT

  6. oregon pioneer

    Riding backwards SEA to CHI

    My nephew is currently on the Empire Builder (#8 - 6/24) going from Seattle to Chicago. It was one of the last seats on a full train, and the only seat available was on the lower level. People on the train are saying there are more cars than normal in the consist. He is riding facing...
  7. Thirdrail7

    Cardinal Operating with a Superliner Consist.

    Due to the unfortunate events described in the Amtrak train with GOP congressional members hits truck (1/31/18) thread, 50(1Feb18) is operating to WAS with a Superliner consist. Passengers for BAL-NYP will transfer at WAS to connecting trains. Perhaps this can serve as a master thread for such...