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  1. Albi

    Bucket List trip May 2020: trains 421, 4 and 50

    My trip hasn't yet taken place, but I thought I'll start the thread already to raise your attention. Then, when I do board the Texas Eagle in Austin next Wednesday to Los Angeles, those interested in trip reports will likely have discovered this post and can follow my adventure "LIVE" (so to...
  2. MccfamschoolMom

    I can see (name of train) from my window/porch/etc.

    My office in the building where I work (in Dwight, IL) has a window facing the train tracks, and we're just a block or two away from the local Amtrak station. I regularly see the Lincoln Service trains approaching or leaving the station. The Texas Eagle runs along the same track, but it wasn't...
  3. drdumont

    Yay-Usss! Finally got another trip to nowhere!

    Left Dallas on time, the Transition Sleepers (or at least this one) have really improved. About 6 Roomettes starting at the high door. Attended to by an SCA who said he was a chair car attendant ( ? ). Name of Joseph, very good, attentive. Dinner was good Amtrak fare, the Diner crew were quite...
  4. Willbridge

    Southwestern Circle Trip

    In July - August 2019 I made the Southwestern Circle Trip beginning in Denver, with an added segment to Seaside and Portland, Oregon for reunions (and to see lots of water). I was able to remain on the planned itinerary shown in the following message, with nothing but the usual delays, not...
  5. M

    2014 30 Day Rail Pass Trip

    This happened almost five years ago, but I thought that I should share the details of this trip: in part because I have been writing too many non-Amtrak things on this Amtrak forum! So, back in the summer of 2014, my life was kind of stuck in a rut for reasons I won't bore you with, and my...
  6. JATX

    Freight train derails near Taylor Yard

    The TE 22 was cancelled today. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/williamson-county/freight-train-derails-outside-taylor/2057356803 Hopefully they will get this resolved quickly as the TE is suppose to be fully operational again in a day or two. JATX
  7. M

    Texas Eagle Delays

    I'm getting ready to ride the Eagle from FTW to CHI in the next two days. I have been watching OTD on the status maps, and keep noticing the train has been running late, seems to loose time south of STL to Marshall. Any idea what's up with this? Today's #22 in is seven hours late at Arcadia...
  8. fillyjonk

    Just curious (SL/TE 3/15) Bustitution?

    I am correct, am I not, in that the "continuation" Texas Eagle that runs from LA three days a week (the one that becomes 22) is also Sunset Limited? (2, I think?) I'm wondering: did they pull the "continuation" passengers off at some point and bus them to San Antonio? I was watching the...