26 Coaches Long. Video of train trip Sydney to Perth, Australia.

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Feb 27, 2019
Toronto area
I've followed Paul Lucas for some time and he'd been promoting this for awhile. The only thing missing in his usual summary was the price, since I'd bet it wasn't cheap.


Lead Service Attendant
Jan 29, 2018
About $A 4,000 depending on choice of accommodation.
I took a trip from Sydney to Perth in May last year and had a good time. It is expensive, but it's not marketed as a mode of transport. It's a train cruise, fully catered, and with numerous off-train excursions included. I think my solo accommodation aboard fare was in the mid $3k range. That's AUD so you can do your own conversion to your own.

I enjoyed the trip and the chance to see various places you'd not really go to see if you were making a road-trip. I'd have liked a lot more daytime running, but I see how that mightn't appeal to most riders - there's an awful lot of space in Oz, and many wouldn't be as taken with travelling through a relatively unchanging landscape for hours on end. I do, as that shows how insignificant we are as far as the planet is concerned, but I suspect that's not a PoV others are comfortable contemplating.

I thought the video was a good summary of the trip's attractions. Like travelling on LD Amtrak trains though, the greatest fun is having loads of time to meet your fellow travellers at mealtimes, and in the open-bar lounge car, knowing you've always got a bolthole to return to when they get a bit much :)

The demographic I encountered was the retired and recently so, middle-class, socially conservative (in the Oz sense of that cohort's desire and aim to look for a way to get on with others without being greatly proscriptive about how others should behave or act).

I had a great time and I'd recommend it.