29(7/25) hit a truck at grade crossing - now what?

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Apr 7, 2011
Sherman Oaks, CA
For your virtual scrapbook, the Amtrak Alerts tweets that covered this situation. (As far as I can tell, they only put out one tweet about the Capitol Limited, the one that says "UPDATE.")



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Dec 22, 2018
Salem, OR
Oh boy. Well...we made it! While it didn't seem like any personnel on the Capitol cared about our connection they clearly did in Chicago. Here's how it went down...

First as we neared the station we packed up and stood down by the door.

We pulled into the station I'd say around 2:15. As soon as the door open we made a run for it. Not long after we came to a nice woman holding a big number 5 sign calling our for any CZ passengers. Told us where to go. At that point I know we were ok. Then once in the station for a brief few seconds another gentleman was directing all CZ passengers. Then running down the platform a conductor was taking names and checking them off a list he had on his phone. So they clearly were holding it and waiting for a list of people.

We boarded at 2:18 and just pulled out of the station a few minutes ago.

Jis, to your question I really have no idea who pulled us. Whatever it was it had at least one passenger car. We watched it back up to us and connect.

Phew what an adventure!!
Thanks much for that very good play by play report. We're leaving Portland on Aug 2 taking the EB (#28) to Wisconsin Dells, and returning on #27 on Aug 11. My wife was a railroad brat, her father having retired from UP as a district claims agent after 35 years. I've taken the EB several times in the past, including the first east bound one from Spokane after the Mt. St Helens eruption of May, 1980-talk about a dusty train (good lord, could it have been that long ago?). Much of her train travel was back and forth from Salt Lake City. Have traveled by train only a few times since we met in 2013, so we're looking forward to this adventure.


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Aug 24, 2003
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