a second question about chic-toronto

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Thanks Steve, for the advice on going through Detroit on the Chicago-Toronto route; however, I couldn't find anything on the Amtrak website on which train that would be. Do I have to book one segment through Amtrak and the other through Viarail? Much more expensive? Thanks a lot!



Yes, if you go via Detroit you'll have to book the VIA and Amtrak portions separately. Then there's also the issue of getting from one station to another. There is bus service through the tunnel between Detroit and Windsor. It terminates at stations on each side of the river.

To get to the bus station in Detroit, you can cab or take a city bus. The new downtown Amtrak station is right on Woodward Ave., which is the busiest bus corridor in the city. Try a search for the Detroit transit system Web site.

Windsor is easier. THere is a bus from the tunnel bus station to the VIA station in Walkerville -- I know, I took it.

All of this is not nearly as hard as it sounds. I did it years ago, pre-Internet, simply by asking people. Have fun.