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Jul 12, 2022
Ellicott City
Hello. I recently joined this forum. I have had a BoA fee card for only a couple of years and have a question about AGR tiers.

I recently qualified for Select Status for the first time which shows up on my account overview information. However, I noticed that the account info shows that it expires 3/1/2023. I assumed that any tier statuses would be good for the the next year (through 12/31/2023). However, I checked the rules but haven't found any information that say how long a tier is valid for.

If it truly expires 3/1/2023, then if I don't qualify again by that date does it revert to just basic member status?
Jan 15, 2012
In my experience, reaching a tier mid-year it initially shows expiration as the end of the next February. However, mine was renewed for another year when I reached that initial expiration.
In other words, it appears you get AT LEAST 12 months of a tier.
You won't know that happens until you reach your current 3/1/23 expiration.