Amtrak long term service cancellations and restorations (2022-2023)

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Jul 9, 2014
Maybe 179's crew is now crewing 177??

What time does 179 hit Hells Gate Bridge? What time does the work on Hells Gate Bridge shut down the tracks?

This is more about balance and insufficient manpower isn't just an issue for the crews. You need personnel at you facilities to service and repair the equipment.

not sure how we're supposed to know the timeline of work. I don't really get why PSA is going to take so long with 24/7 years-long single-tracking plus ~8 hours of complete shutdown every night.

That's the point. The removal of the trains will allow a longer slot to get the project back on schedule. Metro-North is already blaming Amtrak for the delays just like they did with Harold and ESA.

Please allow a brief "fair use" quote:

THE CITY reported in January that the $2.8 billion mega-project faced six to nine months of delays after MTA executives accused Amtrak of limiting access to the tracks that cross the Hell Gate Bridge. The bridge currently is used by Amtrak trains traveling along its Northeast Corridor route, as well as some freight trains.

MTA officials said Friday the agreement with Amtrak could now potentially put Penn Station Access back on track to make its targeted opening — after previously saying the agency had a “short window” to complete the project because of planned structural work at Penn Station.

Now, they have their absolute outage. The funny thing that no one brings up is they still bring up is the MTA blames Amtrak for not giving them enough time to work on Harold Interlocking and that delayed ESA.

Hmmm....What entity OWNS Harold interlocking? 🤔

Hint: It isn't Amtrak.