Amtrak Phase Guide?

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OBS Chief
Apr 17, 2004
Can anyone help me to find an AMTRAK guide to their phases? I want to start a collection of cars that I have been on. I would like to get the correct phase types. Is such a thing out there somewhere? Most travel has been in the last three years. I have dates and could figure it out. I am just not sure which is which. When phase 1 went out and when phase 3 or 4 came in. Some sort of color guide would be great. I look in catalogs , but most only show a car and that it is avallable in a number of different phases. AS always thanks in advance for any help. ;)

Amtrak Kid

Service Attendant
Dec 27, 2004

From 1994 to present superlinersused phase IV, From 1996 amfleet and all others used Phase IV.From 1987 all equipment used phase III. From 1980 to 1987 all equipment used phase II. And from 1971to 1975 all equipment used phase I. You can see this at microscales website under amtrak!
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