Amtrak restores staffing positions at Marshall station

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Nov 6, 2016
Longview is where the Thruway Busess for Shrevport and Houston meet the Eagle, and the Historic Rennovated Station is a great place with friendly,helpful agents.

It's not far to downtown, which has lots of good eating places.

I like it much more than Marshall,( a Crew Change Stop) although the Pretty Station, which has a Museum, is a neat place too.
Understood - but it doesn’t work well for business travel to Houston. If I get off the train in Marshall and drive a rental I save several hours of the work day.


Feb 23, 2014
The tap room was located in a disused rail freight room on the West side of the station. Amtrak decided they didn't like the arrangement and managed to kick the tap room out of the station earlier this year. That was a real shame since it was a fun place to chat and relax in a little town trying to make a comeback. Supposedly Amtrak had safety concerns allowing a bar to be located in a busy passenger station with two whole trains per day. Amtrak's own lease is about to expire and the previous owner had no leverage to dictate terms, but a new group (which includes novelist George R.R. Martin) recently purchased the Lamy station with the intention of bringing the tap room back and finding a way to keep both tenants happy. They are also talking about repairing and reopening the tracks to Santa Fe, but that project is likely to take a few years to complete under current conditions.
The Santa Fe - Lamy tracks are in OK condition for a tourist line, not much needed. The main problems are making sure that the locomotives and rolling stock is ready to run on the Santa Fe trackage which is now used by RailRunner. That means PTC-equipped locomotives. :p I expect delays for that reason.


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May 13, 2014
I guess if Congress can force Amtrak to restaff some stations they can force it to restore real dining car service.