Amtrak Ride 2010: Texas Eagle, Extended Scenes

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Apr 12, 2010
Willamette Valley, Oregon
These are the "Extended Scenes" for the Blu-Ray from my 2010 ride on the Texas Eagle from October 25th - 28th from Chicago, IL to San Antonio, TX and back to Chicago. They are pretty much the raw footage strung together without any editing or soundtrack, but represent the trip in a more Amtrak/rail fan way.

I originally wasn't going to post these to the forum, but based on YouTube view counts after only a few days, thought there might be a few people on the forum that might enjoy them. I know this trip is almost a year ago at this point, but I just recently got the capability for Blu-Ray and in true George Lucas style, finally get to "make it the way I wanted" - but I promise not to come out with new versions every couple of years. :)


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