Amtrak Texas Eagle stop in De Soto, Mo

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OBS Chief
Mar 3, 2020
I saw this on the internet..

Amtrak to add Texas Eagle stop in De Soto, Mo.

DE SOTO, Mo. — Amtrak will add a Texas Eagle stop in De Soto, the De Soto city council announced at its meeting on Monday.

The Leader newspaper reports that the announcement comes after a five-year campaign to gain the station stop. Council members have previously agreed to provide the matching funds necessary for construction of a station platform across from the city’s library at 712 S. Main Street. That been previously estimated to cost $1.7 million, although City Manager Todd Melkus told the meeting a better estimate would be likely once the city knows the requirements of host railroad Union Pacific.

The city of 6,449 (as of the 2020 census) last had train service in 1982, losing its stop when the town’s station was demolished. It will be between existing Eagle stops in St. Louis, about 45 miles to the north, and Arcadia, Mo., about 50 miles south.



Feb 11, 2015
There doesn't seem to be room for too much more than an AmShack across the street from the DeSoto Public Library. The grassy area shown below is a bit less than 35' wide.


The third track on the right is a lead-in to the UP yard. Hmmm-m-m-m. . . .