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This is a place for collecting links to sites that are known to provide useful timetable (old and current), train status + dynamic maps information and various collection of route guides. This is placed both in Amtrak Information and Amtrak FAQ and First Time Rider Forums so as to make them easily available and ready to hand. We will try our best to keep these updated with the latest. If you would like something added to this list please PM the poster of this post.

Timetable links:
Train Status Links:
Live Maps:

Route Guides:
General Amtrak Information:
  • Amtrak Guide (Amtrak) Information on stations, routes and directions
  • Amtrak Trains (OpenStreetMap Wiki) Very useful information about Amtrak trains presented in a nicely interconnected way.
  • Refurbished Superliners: Amtrak Media page about the Superliner Refurbishment Program that is in progress. Includes photos of refurbished car interiors.
  • Amtrak Car Diagrams (Craig Mashburn) Diagrams of layout of Amtrak passenger cars
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