Any current corridor Engineers that can answer a few questions?

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Feb 25, 2020
I'm looking to get some up-to-date answers from a current Amtrak passenger / locomotive engineer regarding the job / everyday life. I am currently an Amtrak employee in the NEC working in C&S, and looking to possibly put in for a Passenger Engineer Trainee position in the future when one opens up. I could probably as a million questions regarding the position itself, but I'll try to knock more birds with fewer stones:

1. I remember the last time the conductor and engineer trainee positions were up, crew bases were listed in New Haven and Boston. This is generally my area and would be willing to work out of either location. That being said - what is a normal route / day from these locations? (i.e *start shift* Boston-NY, layover, NY to Boston, *end shift*)?

2. When there is a layover on your shift, I believe the conductors are allowed to leave the train for food / leisure. Is the same true for engineers? If you wanted a cup of coffee or food / bathroom break when waiting for the next departure?

3. Obviously I would start on the extra board (hard pill to swallow coming from a life of ease in C&S, haha). In the NEC, is it normal to work a 40 hour workweek? I know there's the guarantee for pay, but as far as actually getting called in on all of your on-call days, does it happen that regularly? Or do you tend to have 1/2/3 days off at a time?

4. How is the Wilmington training center program? Do you find the instructors are involved and helpful? I'm aware of the strict curriculum especially regarding signals and rules, which is something I'm used to in C&S.

I have plenty of other questions. If you have the time I'd love to get more info from you. I can PM and discuss more. Thanks for the help, stay safe.


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Nov 9, 2011
Long Island, NY
I'm not an engineer, but retired from OBS and can answer some of this.
1) Out of Bos you either work r/t to NHV or NYP. Out of NHV you can go either North or South for same day r/t .

2) When you reach the end of first leg, you leave the equipment and are "free" til the report time for your return trip.

3) Things may be different after the pandemic, and I have been retired for 3 years, but historically you rarely had more than your 1 relief day off per week when on the extra board. Also be advised you can potentially work twice in one day. Once you finish work, you are guaranteed 12(?) hours rest and then are subject to being right back at work again . It has nothing to do with calendar days, except your weekly assigned relief day, which being a junior person is usually Tues. or Wed.

Hope this helps...