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Court Jester
Apr 14, 2008
Off looking for his sense of humor
Cameron Booth, author of the "Amtrak as a Subway Map" that graces my office, and occasional AU poster has a new project:

Cool stuff, go check it out.

Ive tried my best to indicate major route changes such as the Sunset Limiteds 1996 change from Phoenix to Maricopa when theyve occurred, but please do let me know if Ive missed any.
I'm sure you guys are up to the challenge.
Mar 20, 2009
Fun map.

I didn't realize the California Zephyr only ran as far as Denver May 1, 1971, and only as far as Salt lake City/Ogden by July 1971.It
Amtrak did not use the California Zephyr name until the train was permanently routed on its current route in 1983. Initially there was daily service Chicago to Denver, and it continued to Oakland three days a week. At first, the train used the former railroad names and train numbers of the Denver Zephyr and City of San Francisco, then it became the San Francisco Zephyr. The tri-weekly D&RGW train from Denver to Salt Lake City was called the Rio Grande Zephyr, and retained the original CZ train numbers.

So there was service all the way at the start, only not on the route that Amtrak had hoped for...