Azusa/Baldwin Park CA Union Pacific Local

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Sep 16, 2016
Hi i just thought id post this for anyone who may be interested in this train.

This local normally runs 4 or 5 nights a week, monday to friday at night- sometimes very late at night!
During the Coronavirus shutdowns it seemed to be doing ok. Still about 4 nights a week, sometimes with lots of cars.

My work in Baldwin Park is right near a station so I see this train regularly. Recently I saw it go out on a Sunday afternoon. This has not happened in the 5 years ive been here!
that seems to be happening a lot lately. Saw it again last Sunday. Unfortunately it seems to he cutting back its service drastically. I dont think i saw it at all this Monday - Wednesday.
About 15 minutes ago it just headed out east past the Baldwin Park Metrolink Station. It had a very nice old maroon colored SP caboose attached!

Just thought someone might want to chase it and get a pic during daylight hours. Does anyone know what's going on with it?

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