California High Speed Rail is in trouble..........I know, shocking

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OBS Chief
Jun 10, 2008
To beat this dead horse, apparently the California politicians want to take the CHSR money and use it on commuter projects, or just not spend the money on a vanity project when the budget is suspected to have a $50 Billion shortfall.



Dec 21, 2012
This is perhaps the most comprehensive article on this story:
These two parts pretty much sum it up...
"The rail authority plans to commit later this year to the largest contract award in its history to install 171 miles of track, an advanced signaling system and a high voltage electrical system, as well as an agreement for system maintenance over the next 30 years. The resolution directs the authority to not issue the contract until the Legislature reviews the plan."
"The resolution does not carry the force of law to actually block the rail authority from issuing the contract. But if the rail authority rejects the advice, it sets up a potentially costly and historic battle."
If they get their way... we may finally get to see if the Chargers can make the 125 mph that Siemens promised!
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