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Jan 29, 2004
Charlottesville VA
I just went down to the CVS station to watch the action: 3 Amtrak trains ahead of schedule converging in cville at about the same time. First was the newer southbound regional, 151, which disgorged dozens from NEC and loaded a surprising several dozen for Roanoke (I rode this train last month and was very surprised at the load). Second was Crescent, 20, which unloaded quite a few and to my great surprise loaded ~100 (hard to say with so many people milling around the platform. Last was ner156 which loaded the customary ~100. The dwell time for each was way too long due to the low level platform difficulties. CVS really needs high level (all doors opening) now. Also the NS dispatching seems poor even with no freights involved. Further, the west bound Cardinal, 51, has left WAS and will have meets with both 20 & 156 to deal with north of Culpeper. It really is amazing here in central VA.