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Dec 18, 2007
suburban Chicago (Deerfield)
CVS by Ogilvie Station (Madison St. @ the river) is a lot closer than that Target. There used to be a CVS right across from Union but it closed fairly recently. ☹️

The French Market a few blocks north (also by Ogilvie) has good food but I'm not sure what they've got for takeaway booze now. At least the Belgian place with beer and cider is still there.
Apr 5, 2011
Baltimore. MD
I always tell people to take the bus (which stops right across the street on Jackson) to Dearborn or State (where there are also elevators.) I'm not sure why everyone on this site always recommends the subway station at Clinton, inferior as it is. Heading towards Union Station, head west on Adams from the L, as the streets downtown are one way.
If you want the Blue Line to O'Hare, use the Subway on Dearborn. The Subway on State is the Red Line, which takes one to the North Side or the South Side.
Mar 10, 2016
Mariano's at Halsted & Monroe - full service (Kroger) supermarket. Plus/minus 6 blocks. Whole Paycheck block further north.
H Mart at Jackson and Desplaines - small urban outpost of suburban Asian supermarket - I think they have alcohol. Two and a half blocks west of CUS.
South Loop Market (pricy) on Van Buren between Wells and Franklin. Small local market. About four blocks.
Jewel (full line grocery - Albertsons) - just south of Roosevelt on Canal - about 7 blocks (just shy of a mile). Whole Paycheck on Canal on north side of Roosevelt. Also Binny's (local liquor purveyor) is on Jefferson just north of Roosevelt (weird middle of the block location).

I think there may be some other small grocery type places like South Loop Market closer, but I don't know the area on that side of the river as well.