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Lead Service Attendant
Jul 1, 2014
Chicago, IL
Is that restaurant in or annexed to the new BMO building? If so, I've been by there (but on a Sunday when it was closed), though haven't stopped in. Looked quite nice.
It's inside the BMO building, on the ground floor, and overlooks the pleasant little park to the west. Closed on weekends and only open 7A-8P M-F. In addition to the sit-down restaurant, they also have a market space to grab-and-go.

Also, last year, in the warm months, the building management would host a rotating group of food trucks in the park area once or twice a week. Don't know if that will be repeated this year or if it was a stopgap measure until the restaurant got up and running.

Canal Street Eatery and Market

And, for variety, there is also the nearby food court at the Old Post Office building, directly south of Union Station, at Canal and Van Buren. Open 7A-7P M-F.

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