City of New Orleans dining?

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Jun 24, 2017
Is the City of New Orleans still a Superliner? If so, where does the Flexible Dining service occur? In the dining car, which is then closed off for coach passengers, and the kitchen is non-functioning? That would be a pretty depressing sight, remembering the cooked from scratch meals I have enjoyed in Superliner diners.

Can sleeper passengers utilize the sightseer lounge and snack bar?

Also, do they serve the flexible dinner upon leaving Chicago at 8:05PM? And then you get breakfast and lunch the next day?

Larry H.

OBS Chief
Dec 22, 2006
The CEO has pretty much made dining a sad experience compared to when they had actual chefs and local dishes prepared on the CN. The last time we took it the food was by far the worst I have ever had almost any where. It may be with all the complaints and changes that its different. I would hope so for your sake, but I wouldn't expect too much.. Although friends of ours just took a long journey, Empire Builder, Coast Starlight and Zephyr, they said the food was passable. But those trains are not the City of New Orleans either. So far as I know the train is still running superliner cars.


Train Attendant
Jan 15, 2012
FWIW as someone who just recently road the City of New Orleans, the flexible dining appears to me an upgrade over what was previously offered(the CONO as opposed to the other Superliner trains had a more stripped down menu). Further I would hope it would resolved the hour+ wait for food that occurred for us.

As to the rest, you can use the sightseer lounge car and buy snacks and drinks like any other passenger.

If Flexible Dining follows the previous schedule then yes you'll have dinner as you wind your way out of Chicago. Breakfast and lunch the next day, though if you aren't going to New Orleans then you'll need to check. We were on our way to Jackson, Mississippi so therefore only had breakfast.