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Jun 29, 2021
My wife and I are enjoying our fourth journey on the CS. Left LA about 2 hours late due to locomotive/mechanical issue/s. We're in a bedroom. Lorna the room attendant and Carl the dining room steward have been terrific. In the room, the only apparent 'renovation' is the 'new' blanket. Otherwise, the same tired blue fabric on the couch and chairs, same thin mattress, and no shampoo or soap dispensers in the shower. In the dining car, had their great Angus burger for lunch after leaving LA. Wife and I shared the tamale and lobster crab cake appetizers which were terrific. Wife enjoyed her salmon. I was a bit disappointed with the steak. But the flourless chocolate cake was top-notch. Also, in the dining car all meals still served on the plastic Amtrak plates (even dinner). Two sleepers in the consist, three coaches and one BC car. Beautiful ride under sunny skies, watching eagles, running deer and herds of cattle.