Current status of SEPTA route 101/102 torlleys?

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Apr 5, 2011
Baltimore. MD
I went up to Philly earlier in the week, mainly to ride the former Red Arrow, now SEPTA route 101 trolley to Media, but when I checked the timetable, it seemed to indicate that they were doing extensive track work and were doing a bus substitution. However, when looking about the SEPTA website, it wasn't clear whether the bustitution was only on certain weekends or every day. Anyone know what's going on with this project and when I can expect to be sure that if I go up, I can ride a trolley? I still had a good trip, I walked around Center City a bit, and rode the subway-surface cars, so it wasn't a total loss. There seem to be even more people riding on the Northeast Regionals than there were on my trip in June. So I guess some good news for Amtrak financials.