Dinner Trains I'm working on in the next few months

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Dec 31, 2014
South Carolina
If you have ever wanted to meet me to ask PV questions, try my cooking, or ride a private car here are a few trips that I'm working that are available to the public. And for the staff here I'm not benefiting any at all from the sales. Just trying to see if I can't meet up with some AU members while I'm working and to see if any are in the area.

So here are the two I'm working as of right now.

April 24: The Friends of Jimmy Carter are operating a Murder Mystery Dinner train from Americus, GA on Sam Shortline. I'll be in the kitchen on this trip but once the meals served I would love to spend some time with people. We have the Dearing, JP Henderson, and Wisconsin private cars on the train.

May 8th: The Louisville Railway Company is sponsoring three fundraising dinner trains at the St. Marys Railroad in St. Marys, GA just north of Jacksonville. Each train has a different menu. On this train I'm the Lead Service Attendant. They are raising the funds for the restoration of Seaboard Airline No. 6400 the original observation car from the Silver Meteor in the 1930s.

The 12 PM trip has an Atlantic Coastline inspired Menu. The 2 PM trip has a Southern Railway inspired Menu, and the sold out evening trip has a Seaboard Airline inspired Menu. Looking at the menu the one I'm looking forward to the most is the Southern Railway one because I love Fried Chicken. This train has the EX Amtrak Silver Tureen (EX Burlington).

Then in June I'll be with Day out with Thomas the entire month at Sam Shortline. After that I don't know where I'll be but if you are in the area I would love to see you.