Does redemption activity restart the clock on the 24 month rule for points expiration?

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Sep 18, 2014
I need help understanding the following scenario:

Let's say I don't have any current trips planned or booked, and no expectation of booking anything for a while (maybe for several months, or a couple years, who knows). I decide to cancel my Amtrak credit card, which means I'm no longer going to be earning AGR points every month.

My understanding is that at this point, the clock starts ticking and I have 24 months to use those points before they expire. If, several months later, I earn more points somehow (maybe by buying a reservation with cash using my AGR #), then the clock resets back to 24 months.

With that said, does redemption activity have any bearing on whether the account is active? So let's say I'm still not earning any new points, but several months down the road I redeem some points for a short trip. Does that restart the clock, giving me another 24 months before I have to use the remainder of the points left?


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Apr 14, 2008
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Amtrak said:
Subject to these Program Terms and Conditions, points earned under the Program will not expire as long as the Program continues and the Member’s Program account is active. “Active” means that the Member earns and/or redeems Program points using his or her Membership Number within a 24-month period.
Jul 16, 2010
And that "earning" doesn't have to involve traveling. Simply buying something through the Amtrak portal that earns points counts. Note that it might take weeks or months for those points to show up so plan ahead but $10 gets you ten points (or even more in some places) so you don't have to spend a lot of money. A dollar purchase would work if ordered online then you got free shipping to your local store to pick it up.

Be sure to keep tabs on it to make sure you get your points.