Enfield station on the Hartford Line

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Aug 24, 2003
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Enfield station on the Hartford - Springfield Line got significant CRISI funding (June '22) which put together with additional FTA funding is now fully funded for significant improvements which will make it fully ADA compliant with level boarding platform. It is a Conn DOT project.

Connecticut – Enfield Station and Track Improvements (Up to $13,860,000) Connecticut Department of Transportation
The proposed project will conduct environmental review, preliminary engineering, final design, and construction of a new station to accommodate increased service as part of the New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Rail Program and improve under bridge clearance in Enfield, Connecticut. Specific improvements will include a 500-ft level boarding platform, a utility building with waiting area, and station parking. Track and signal work are needed to support the platform, and the clearance will be improved by raising the bridge and lowering the road. Connecticut DOT will provide a 50 percent match, and the project also includes additional Federal funds from FTA.