ESPA 2020 Cliff notes

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Sep 17, 2009
40th Annual Empire State Passengers Association Annual Meeting, on March 7, 2020.

Hot takes:

Governor of NY will be announced a return of Food Service between Albany and NYC shortly.

Montreal C+I got held up by a change of government, should be digging in 2021.

Toronto service: Canada C+I was going to build a new building in Canada but may relocate to the US Building.

High Speed Rail Environment Impact was sent to Feds in 2018, NYDOT got it back and are replying to detail question from Feds.

Hudson Tunnels are dead in the water into there is a different President. Big period.

After 39 years we still have the same amount of train service upstate.

The new station and other city improvements here in Schenectady result in a 20% increase in riders. The mayor going building by building to improve his city, the grand slam is not how Schenectady gets it done.

A lot of complaints about 5 car trains, seem we lost our 6th car, somewhere.

Happy to see state rail division, and a DOT Commission in the room.

MassDot getting blast by the local government for sandbagging there study of western train service.

A bit of a love fest due to the 40 years of history. Three members been here since the beginning.
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