FRA announces more than $300 million grants

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OBS Chief
Jun 10, 2008

North Carolina finally gets new equipment.

North Carolina — Piedmont Intercity Fleet & Infrastructure Investments Project Phase II Up to $80,000,000
North Carolina Department of Transportation

Purchases six locomotives and 13 passenger coaches to replace existing state-owned equipment that are 30- and 50-years old, respectively. The project is the second phase of NCDOT’s equipment procurement program, building upon a previous Partnership Program award to procure passenger coaches. The equipment will serve Amtrak’s Piedmont service between Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina. The project will enhance service and support continued growth, including a fourth daily Piedmont round trip planned for 2023. The new fleet will reduce train cancellations and delays, provide consistent and reliable service, improved on-board amenities, as well as meeting all safety and accessibility requirements.