Gathering Day 1

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Mar 14, 2008
Warren MI
Woke up at 8AM and headed towards the MacArthur BART station were I saw normal Betty,Devils advocate and Charley. We boarded the 2nd train towards embarcadero. When we got off we waited at the bottom of the exit stairs but then went to the muni level to wait for the group. About 10:15AM the rest of the group showed up and we boarded the train towards balboa park at 10:32AM. When we got off at balboa park we were thrown for a loop due to construction we couldn´t board the K train at the platform. We had to walk a block to a temporary stop at the MUNI service garage. On the K train we were later joined by the 2 joes.

When we got off at embarcadero we split up for lunch. penny,diesteldorf,and myself had subway since we didn´t like the options at the embarcadero center. After lunch when we went to enter the BARt system it wouldn´t let normal betty or myself in cause when we got off the bart train at embarcadero we transferred to MUNI without tapping out so it was past the 3 hour limit so we had to have a agent fix it. Later on in the BART one we were joined by 2 other late arrivals one who got on the wrong platform and missed up. For dinner we got off at west dublin and went to the stonebridge mall which didn´t have a actull food court.

The food places were spread out all over. A few of us got together and ate at the Buckhorn Grill. I had the smoke sausage plate with a side of frys. After dinner a couple of us who had finished early caught the trains back to our hotels. I walked back to the hotel while penny and couple others took the emery go round. I was going to take it to the Amtrak station Saturday for our run but the route that goes to the station is Monday through Friday so I will have to walk.


Lead Service Attendant
Jun 7, 2013
We didn't do the Bart but we still had an interesting Amtrak day. Up at 4:30 to catch the 6:30 bus to Stockton. We caught the 712 - Comet cars from Stockton and went to Fresno. We were running late and I was getting nervous but we still had about a 20 minute wait and transferred to the 713 to Emeryville and then on the Capitol Corridor back to San Jose. We've never been down to Fresno and really liked the segment from Stockton to Antioch and then on to Martinez. New tracks for us. We're looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and a later sleep-in!