Gathering day 2

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Mar 14, 2008
Warren MI
Up at 7am to leave at 7:30AM for the 1 hour walk to the EMY train station as the emery-go-ground route that serves the EMY station does not run on the weekend. got to the station at 8:30AM and found a few others waiting. The train arrived on time but we waited 10 minutes due to a late bus coming from across the bay. We had a whole car to ourselves all the way to Sacramento where i bailed on the light rail to lunch for having more time to spend at the rr museum since I ate on the train. The museum was interesting. had the only surviving cab forward steam engine on display and you could enter the cab. I had a 1PM reservation for the spokemotive train ride.

The ride was OK. Since I had a first class ticket i was in a car with A/C and was fed a orange colored pumpkin shaped cookie with orange sprinkles and a minute made lemonade. The crew was referred to as a skeleton crew and had black clothes with bones on them. There was no haunted scenery but the train had some Halloween decor on it and played Halloween music with a little narration. the operating crew was like since they are short handed they had to ´´dig us up´´. After the short 45 minute ride I returned to the amtrak train station and waited a while for the train back to Berkley for dinner. At dinner I had the open face hot turkey.

Since we were finished early most of us elected to take the 30 minute late train that was late due to a brush fire we saw on the way in. On the early train back the one conductor gave me the heavy metal devil horn sign cause of my Judas priest shirt. back at EMY we all went back to our hotels. I made a side trip to target to pick up yet another set of skull candy ear phones as the ones I had less then a month the ear cushion came off on the train as it got caught. Walked the 2.5 miles back to the hotel only to do it again in the morning lol. Cab is too much money. it´s like $20 to go 3 miles.


Aug 23, 2002
You might see this late but see if the below link might work for you. Might be a little better than the long walk if you want to conserve some energy for a lot less than a cab.