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Aug 10, 2022
Tampa, FL
From a lot of on-line reading, it seems as if Guest Rewards, and Amtrak in general, don't care about their passengers unless they are on the Northeast Corridor. My story.

I attempted to book a trip on auto train. Based on a previous auto train trip (food issue), both my wife and I were given vouchers by Guest Rewards. I tried to use them on my most recent trip. Tried to book on-line. No problem EXCEPT the site would not accept my travel vouchers. Called. Talked to a very nice agent. She said she could see my voucher in her system, but she could not get it to go thru either. Made reservation for me, then transferred me to Guest Rewards. OK, it was a Friday night about 7:00. After being on hold for almost an hour, I got a message saying "Guest Rewards is now closed. We will reopen on Monday at 8:00 am." So, since the train was mostly full, I called back and paid for my trip without the vouchers. Sent email to Guest Rewards. 2 weeks later and no responsed.