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Mar 1, 2023
Hello, I am LCon.
Male, 40, Northampton Ma.
Formerly worked for PPBL in Springfield. So have some insight into the travel industry.
Love history in general, of late been looking into the New Haven railroad and in particular trying to learn about the old New Haven Northampton canal Railroad. As well as an curiosity about a few foreign railroads.

Have been using Amtrak for about three years now mostly the Valley flyer and Vermonter between NHT and SPH as well as Hartford, NYC and Boston. Last trip was a round trip from Springfield to Boston. Currently looking into a DC trip.
Bucket list includes moving to the South west and taking the Big three Empire builder, Southwest Chief, California Zephyr. Though I should have plenty of time to get to those. I think that covers the bio. Thanks for having me.