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Nov 27, 2021
If you can’t get the points (because your dad was listed first) then sign your dad up for AGR and then have them give him the points he earned (you can do that up to, I think, 90 days past travel dates). If your dad won’t be using the points himself ask on here ways he can “give” them to you. I know a couple but not details of how best to do it.
Yep! that option would require a few extra steps but it definitely works.
Oct 16, 2018
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The lady on the phone said i got screwed on it and kinda laughed. So maybe she pushed it up the chain faster. who knows.
It seems the AGR phone team can be rather generous when points are screwed up. I changed a points trip to a different routing which cost less at the time. I didn't get a correct refund IMO, and when I called AGR I had a difficult time making the agent see my logic. The agent ended up refunding the whole thing but never debited the points back, and I ended up with a free trip (which I didn't realize until I went back later and reviewed my points transactions.)