HSR Stimulus Allocations Announced

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Aug 3, 2008
California gets $2.25 billion. $29 billion or so to go! Let's leverage these stimulus dollars with a bake sale.


California will get $2.25 billion to help build a high-speed rail system connecting Southern California to the Bay Area through the San Joaquin Valley, as well as additional funds for other rail projects. Other states getting high-speed rail funding include Washington, North Carolina and Florida.
HSR cheerleader view: http://www.cahsrblog.com/2010/01/breaking-...passenger-rail/

LOSSAN and the Capitol Corridor will also be getting some upgrades according to the blog.

$99.4 million for other passenger rail projects, including:
Capitol Corridor-South Terminal Station Improvement

Capitol Corridor-YoloXover (Yolo West Crossover)

Capitol Corridor-Track Relocation

Pacific Surfliner -Railroad Crossover Program

Pacific Surfliner – Oceanside Stub Project 1

Pacific Surfliner Corridor-MOW Spurs

Los Angeles to Fullerton Triple Track

Pacific Surfliner Corridor-PE NEPA Ortega

Pacific Surfliner -Corridor Strategic Assessment

Rolling Stock-Locomotive Emissions Upgrade

Rolling Stock-Cab Car Bicycle Storage
Now here come the accusations of pork!