I'm still here (trip from Denver to Orlando)

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Service Attendant
Apr 29, 2016
Hi everyone!
I posted here back in November/December about my big move to Orlando, FL. I am sorry I took so long to update you on how things went with AMTRAK.

Long story short our train from Denver was late into Chicago so we were put up in a hotel for the night way over by Chicago Midway Airport. Thankfully we didn't have to pay for a cab either. We were also got food vouchers but we couldn't use them until the next day as we had to catch a cab right away & the restaurants were already closed. We ate at the Fridays at the hotel. The next day we go to the station a few hours early & we used our food vouchers on Starbucks & McDonalds. We got on the train to Washington DC & things went fine. We caught the train from DC to Orlando but never saw the inside of the station because we had to get on the train right away. We were the only ones in the car until we got to Sanford. We were in the car right behind the engine so we heard the tooting all night long & it was really loud. At any rate, we are here in Orlando, FL now & we love living here.

Next time we take AMTRAK may be awhile because of this pandemic. The next time we do travel it will either be to NYC or Lynchburg, VA [where my Mom lives] to visit.

Thank you guys for all of your help.

oregon pioneer

Feb 15, 2011
I am so happy that it worked for you, and that the delay didn't put you off traveling Amtrak again. It sounds like it all worked out for you.

I think we are all looking forward to the day when we can feel easy about traveling again.


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Jan 26, 2015
Thank you for posting. Many of us here were wondering if you and your husband were able to make the trip and get to Florida. Glad that (other than the unexpected evening in Chicago) you both made it without any major issues. Enjoy your new home!!