Join me for a Northwest Train Trek!

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Jul 13, 2011
I'll be traveling across the Northwest beginning August 12. Join me!
Following up from our 2020 Train Trek series of virtual events, this year All Aboard Washington will travel across the state (in-person and electronically) to participate in informal discussions of how new and improved train service can make a difference in your community. Invite your neighbors, elected officials and business leaders!

Transportation and infrastructure issues are of greater significance than ever before. Several studies have confirmed that there is a significant need for, and interest in, improved and more frequent Cascades service, as well as daytime east-west service. As your representative for better transportation for over 40 years, AAWA wants your voice to be heard in Olympia!

During the 2021 Train Trek, AAWA will share its vision for improved train service. We will discuss how expanded passenger rail service can bring significant economic, equity, and environmental benefits to the communities it serves. But most of all, we want to hear from citizens, community leaders, and elected officials about the transportation needs YOU care about.

The ongoing budgetary, mobility, and climate crises all demand commitment to proactive solutions that foster stable economic recovery from the pandemic while furthering Washington’s efforts to fight global climate change.

With targets for reductions of vehicle trips, greenhouse gas emissions, and traffic fatalities all coming due over the next decade, immediate actions should be taken to sustain our state’s economic vitality, environmental commitments, and equitable access for all citizens.

These events will also be available electronically. Additional meetings are being offered statewide. Details are available at Conversations on Rail in the Northwest