Music used in On Board Amtrak (Accommodations And Services) 1994

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Mar 23, 2020
Hi, a while ago I stumbled across this video on YouTube from that was produced by Amtrak Marketing and Sales Training in 1994 as a VHS tape which was used to advertise the different classes of service as well as onboard accommodations and amenities that one would find aboard Amtrak trains. The video has since been deleted by the original uploader, however I managed to capture a screen recording of it from Wayback Machine and reupload it on my channel here:

In the video there is a song that is played multiple times, especially during train subject transitions and at the end where Jim goes back over the accommodations for each train (instrumentals begin at 27:53). The song lyrics go as follows:

"Ride on down to Sante Fe or Philadelphia, PA.
New Orleans, Albuquerque too,
Heading on out to Kalamazoo.
Departing from Baltimore to Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Omaha to Yuma, zoomin' into Zuma,
And if you wanna, down to Tijuana.
Buffalo, Chicago, don't forget El Paso.
Toronto, Reno, San Bernardino."

Does anyone happen to know the official name of this song, or where I can find it? Perhaps someone has it somewhere and they'd like to share it? I'd love to be able to hear the clear version of this song. Listening to it gives me nostalgia and memories of American rail travel and classic Amtrak.

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