Need Amtrak trip and route planning help. Who should I contact?

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OBS Chief
Jul 12, 2020
When I first began riding I used a local travel agent. After a few years and my trips began to get complicated,I started using Amtrak by phone. Then I switched to their website and I have the app.

It is very cumbersome trying to make reservations,especially the last several months as low buckets are getting harder and harder to find,especially if you are doing a circle trip. Being retired,I do have the luxury of playing with dates.

I was looking at the Eagle from LA to Chicago for January February or March. I went through every date(it is easier being it only goes three days a week) and found one day at low bucket
I grabbed it immediately. I was thinking of the Zephyr for next Spring or summer. Way too much,but by going in January there were still a few low buckets left,so I got an inexpensive round trip on the Zephyr and the Eagle with a day trip on the Starlight in Coach.

I do wish Amtrak would make it easier. Calling them and having the agent search for the lowest fares for your dates is time consuming for them. I have never done that,preferring to do it myself.