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Aug 22, 2002
I thought I'd start a thread here to share some interesting ads for onboard dining and other amenities that Amtrak has published over the years in its timetables.

I'll start:

A Moving Feast!Satisfying breakfasts, hearty lunches and delicious full-course dinners are standard fare in Amtrak's comfortable buffet and full-service dining cars. Tasty dishes, complimented [sic] by the smorgasbord of panoramic views, provide the utmost in dining pleasure.

Whether it's buffet style or full-service dining, there's sure to be something to satisfy your appetite. Dining on Amtrak is truly a moving feast.

What A Way To Spend The Day!Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with a breathtaking view... only on Amtrak

Live Music in Le Pub on Your Way to Montreal!
Now there's a fun new atmosphere on The Montrealer! It's Le Pub, where you'll enjoy live musical entertainment, sing-alongs, specialty drinks, and a mouthwatering variety of complete meals, sandwiches, and snacks.

Add to that all the friendly passengers you'll meet plus the scenery you'll savor and you have a relaxing way to travel that's uniquely Amtrak. What's more, The Montrealer follows a timetable that's designed with you in mind.

Ask your travel agent about special excursion fares and tour packages. Take Amtrak's Montrealer. It's Guaranteed Fun For Everyone!
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