Open Rails Train Simulator

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Streetcar Motorman
AU Supporter
Sep 2, 2021
Lubec, ME
Anyone in this board running Open Rails? For those not familiar, ORTS is a free open source simulation that is backward compatible with the original Microsoft Train Simulator released around 2001. ORTS has added much better physics and additional features that can be taken advantage of, yet still rund the many freeware and spyware routes and rolling stock developed over the years for MSTS.

If you want to try ORTS I would suggest going to trainsimulations and downloading their free BNSF Scenic Sub which models the BNSF from Everett WA through the Cascade tunnel. It includes a download of OR as well as the route and all the rolling stock needed.

I am currently working on a route for Amtrak's Downeaster which is progressing slowly and will probably take at least another year to finish