Parking Lot Changes at Richmond and Emeryville, Calif

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May 26, 2011
Latest newsletter for Amtrak's Capital Corridor service contains the following announcement:

Changes to Parking at Richmond and Emeryville Stations

Starting this Saturday, April 11, the 35 free outdoor Capitol Corridor parking spaces at the Richmond station will be permanently closed and relocated to the second floor of the BART parking garage. The spaces will remain free for Capitol Corridor and Amtrak passengers until the beginning of May, when they will be available at the rate of $2.50 per day. To avoid receiving a citation, Capitol Corridor passengers must leave a copy of their train tickets on the dashboard of their car. Read more.

By early May 2015, the outdoor parking at the Emeryville station will move temporarily to a nearby garage during the construction of a new office building and parking structure on the site of the current parking lot used by daily riders. Details are still in development, and we will provide more information when it becomes available.


Nov 16, 2012
San Francisco Bay Area
I've parked at Richmond just once for Amtrak. Years ago I took a look at the station, but that was well before BART started charging for parking or even requiring free space # validation. BART had an issue with people just using their parking lots and going for casual carpools since it was a convenient spot.

I parked there once on a weekend - just to do a quickie points run. There weren't any other cars in the Amtrak spaces, and they have no station agents to do anything like issue parking passes. I'm guessing that a lot of weekday BART passengers would just park there understanding that there was no enforcement.