Pittsburgh to Columbus (by Ambus)

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Feb 4, 2008
I will be traveling to Columbus, OH in a couple of months. Since there is no train service,

the route will be Washington DC to Pittsburgh, PA on the Capital Limited, then transit to

a bus (at midnight) to Columbus Bus Station arriving at 5:25am.

My questions are: Has anyone taken this route? Does the bus wait until the arrival of #29?

Is the Columbus Bus Station in a "safe" area of the city? Are taxis usually available at the

bus station? Is the bus only for Amtrak passengers?

Thanks for any information or experience you may have.

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May 31, 2009
Austin Texas
I'd consider an alternate Dick: take the Meteor to WAS, ride out to BWI on MARC or Amtrak and Fly on SWA ( about $100 )to Columbus! AFAIK the bus will be a Regular Greyhound, there are no AMbuses on this route.

The Pittsburgh Station is a pit, especially @ night and an overnight bus ride on a Dog ( its about a 3 hour ride on I-70 after the middle of the night wait in the pit) isn't fun! Mega Bus also runs from WAS to Columbus, check their schedules if you really want to ride a Bus, this trip is much better done in the day time as you'll see some new scenery!

The Columbus Station is open 24/7, safe, a standard Modern Greyhound Station, located Downtown close to Columbus Green. Not much action around that time of morning in Columbus. There should be taxis around. Its about 20 minutes from the OSU Campus.

If the planned C-C-C Train had worked out you would have been able to ride a train to Columbus from Cleveland or Cinncinatti!
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May 26, 2011
There should be taxis at the Columbus Greyhound station; other options include the local bus and Uber. The station area is safe enough during the day, but I've never been there that early.

Cleveland to Columbus on Greyhound Express looks quite a bit cheaper and would give you a few more hours on the train, with a later arrival in Columbus. Transfer from Amtrak to Greyhound would be more of a pain, though.