Poor handling of Customer dispute by Amtrak

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Jan 3, 2022
Santa Rosa
Stories like this tends to make me very reluctant to recommend Amtrak to anyone.

I agree they wern't entitled to a refund. However, I think Amtrak management should have given them a partial refund if they had any concern about customer relations and customer satisfaction.

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May 24, 2010
It's interesting that we seldom see headlines/stories about those who had very satisfactory trips/experiences
Maybe not from actual customers but airlines and hotel chains often cite high approval ratings for almost everything they do. Just like when Anderson was attempting to refute claims that passengers were unimpressed with his new meal service. I've always found those results a little suspect so I started paying more attention after my flights and hotel stays. If you look closely you'll notice that after each question there are five or so responses but only one or two that are genuinely negative. So the answers will look something like this...

[ ]Amazing [ ]Great [ ]Good [ ]Okay [ ]Poor

They also tend to ask the same question in more than one way and since they rarely release the full survey I suspect they simply weed out the lower scoring questions before publishing anything or speaking to the press.

Her story has some holes in it. Did she actually tell anybody on the train she was supposed to be in a sleeping car or did she just sit in coach and fume?
Just to be clear, you're wondering if someone who contacted Amtrak twice, wrote a trip report for her bank or credit issuer, and enlisted the help of a travel journalist/ombudsman may have chosen to remain silent during the actual trip? Seems a little unlikely to me. Then again I've seen Amtrak staff shout at customers with such authority and indifference to social norms that they never made a peep thereafter.
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