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Jul 11, 2008
San Francisco
This is a captivating but lengthy video (45+ minutes), slickly produced. Hard-core rail techies will be disappointed at the lack of specifics about the consist and OBS, but the scenery is gorgeous, IMO. Everybody talks about the Rockies, but follow the views of Northern Ontario as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed. And check out the incredible lightning bolt captured towards the end (in the Thompson River Valley, I think, or maybe the Fraser). If ever wondered whether thus trip is worth it, this video may convince you.

(Thank you, moderators, for re-positioning this video if I have posted it incorrectly.)



Service Attendant
Dec 6, 2017
Bristol England
Having "done" the current Canadian route a couple of times (and I will be on it again in June next year) I agree with the OP's comment about the scenery through Northern Ontario. The views on that portion of the journey in my opinion out do those going through the Rockies.

I was lucky enough to do the Canadian rail trip many years ago when the route was through Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, Spiral Tunnels, Golden and Revelstoke - now that was spectacular !

I may also have spoilt myself with regards to the Canadian Rockies having driven the Icefield Parkway Lake Louise- Jasper/Jasper - Lake Louise on multiple occasions - In my opinion, travelling by road through the Canadian Rockies is actually much more scenic than travelling by rail since the Southern rail routing stopped.