Round trip to Chicago- Washington, DC. 50, 29

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OBS Chief
May 25, 2006
Interesting report, steve4031. Sounds like train travel is still enjoyable in spite of the best efforts of Amtrak and the current pandemic. Sorry to hear the SSL lounge isn’t operating as sitting there as the train follows the Potomac and crosses at Harpers Ferry was one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip.

i didn’t realize NdeM operated passenger service into the 90’s. My trips were about two decades earlier: Aztec Eagle from San Antonio (with on an MP 10-6) and numerous heavyweight Pullmans and a diner from Laredo, and then, later, from Nogales, both to Mexico City. The first trip continued on overnight to Morelia. It was like stepping back to the 50’s in the U.S. I do remember seeing El Tapitio in Guadalajara complete with classic observation (I believe ex NYC) on the rear. Will the U.S. passenger trains have the same fate?