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Aug 24, 2003
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Would you like to share what you learned at the Committee Meetings?

The Infrastructure Committee was chartered at this meeting so it did just formative stuff. Incidentally you don't have to be a member of the Council to be a member of a Committee, so you can feel free to volunteer if you are a member of RPA.

Routes and Schedules has been working diligently on putting together RPA's submission to the Long Distance Study program. It has a long list and is submitting the top ten from the list. The actual list is, according to the Committee Chair proprietary to the RPA Committee and Council, so I cannot just publish it here as an attachment, but of course what is submitted will be a public document. I have not checked recently if they have made it available on the RPA site. The general principle followed is highest priority to making non-daily service daily followed by reinstating services that have been discontinued, and finally on select routes doing a second service with notionally flipped schedule so at least many places that have only at night service now, get daylight service.It also contains a smattering of top running non-LD corridors, but I suspect those will not be submitted in the LD Corridor study.

There are other administrative committees like the Finance Committee which is of little interest here and their discussions are almost entirely proprietary and not for general discussion outside the RPA Board and Council anyway.
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