Sightseer Lounge Open? - Coast Starlight

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Hey everyone! I have been on the Capitol limited and Northeast Regional since COVID started and both of those had their lounges and seating areas completely closed (like not half seating, nobody allowed to sit down). Anybody been on the Coast Starlight recently who can shed any light on whether it is open right now? Or just any other observations about that particular train during this current situation? Thanks!!!

PS Also going to be on the Crescent soon so if anyone has some crescent-specific advice I would really appreciate


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May 17, 2015
I found that the SWC and the CZ still have their Sightseer cars. Watching the live feed cameras I can see people some days not every time sitting in the car, so it is not closed off to passengers. Not sure the seating arrangement, like every other booth so no one sits next to another. Just FYI I saw three coaches on the SWC and two on the CZ. Both were carrying two full sleepers, no transition or baggage cars.

updated 12/5. SWC had a Trans dorm, 3 Sleepers, Dc, SSL, 3 Coaches on 4 arriving GBB.
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